Current Connected, LLC.

At Current Connected, we are more than just a Solar and Energy Storage Company. Our core mission is to promote energy independence with renewable energy solutions.  As a small family-owned business, we ensue our customers are taken care of like they are a part of our family.

We don’t just aim to sell products. Instead, our core mission is to offer our customers solutions to their energy needs.  We rigorously test all of our products in-house and have highly-trained support staff waiting to take your call to answer your questions. Whether you are wanting to go off-grid, need a battery backup for your household, or need help with designing an entire solar system – we have the products, experience, and knowledge to help you.

Meet Our Team

Jarrett Hei

Owner, CFO

After studying Business & Accounting at North Idaho College, Jarrett is pursuing his dream as a business owner.  When Jarrett isn’t making sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed, he is interacting with customers to make sure their experience is pure satisfaction.  Jarrett’s technical skills and an eye for excellence have brought stunning photography to the site, making product and system ideas into beautiful realities you can see before clicking “checkout”.

Dexter Monroe

Owner, CTO

It took Dexter some time to realize that he could never be satisfied in one place doing one job for the rest of his life.  The start of Current Connected has been an endeavor is a dream that has kept him learning new things daily. He loves that he can put his technical expertise to use, helping customers design their systems, troubleshoot problems, and keep the wheels turning.  Every day presents a new challenge that keeps him excited to grow the business to new heights.


“Lead Supervisor” (Office Cat)

What would we ever do without Pepper?  Pepper has a very important responsibility (beside eating lots of treats!)  He keeps an eye on the office to make sure no sneaky surprises (like mice) show up in someone’s box!  Pepper was rescued from a tank-supply yard in Chowchilla, CA and “chose” Dexter & Jarrett as his forever beloved owners.  PURR!!!