Battery basics


Overcurrent Protection

Make sure that when things go wrong, everything is protected, preventing great damage to your equipment and property! Learn about fuses, circuit breakers, disconnects and much more!

Terms & Ratings

Amp Hour Ratings

One of the methods used to measure the capacity of a battery. Learn why and how we use amp-hour ratings to measure the capacity of batteries!

Deep Cycle vs starting

Batteries are built for many different purposes, some for starting engines and others for large scale energy storage. Learn the difference and what type of battery you should choose!

C-rate (Charge & Discharge rate)

Batteries have different limitations on how quickly they are charged or discharged. Find out why and how to properly set your equipment to match your batteries


What voltage should you charge your batteries to? When should you stop discharging? How come some batteries fall in voltage quickly (linear) and others stay at the same voltage (flat)?

Battery Building

How to build your own battery

Parallel, Series & Series-parallel Battery Connections

LiFePO4 - Cell Fixturing

Long Term Battery Considerations

Total Cost of Ownership