Calb Gen 3

CALB Generation 3 Aluminum Case lIfepo4 Cell

CALB’s Generation 3 batteries hold the most promise for energy storage ever. Housed in a metal encasement, CALB has found a way to further improve the technology that their competition cannot. By using a metal case, CALB has taken an already excellent chemistry, and increased its thermal performance, increased energy density and decreased overall size.

Calb L Series Cells

Parameter L160F100B L173F163B
Nominal Capacity 100Ah 163Ah
Nominal Voltage 3.2v
New Cell Typical CapacityX Not yet tested Not yet tested
Internal Resistance @ 1kHz AC 0.2-0.5mΩ
Charging Allowable Maximum Charging Current Based on SOC & temperature1
Charge Voltage Limit 3.65v
Charging Temperature Limits -5°C ~ 60°C
23°F ~ 140°F
Discharging Maximum Continuous Discharging Current 1C
100 Amps 163 Amps
Pulse Discharging Current; Up to 3 minutes 2C
200 Amps 326 Amps
Pulse Discharging Current; Up to 30 seconds2 3C
300 Amps 489 Amps
Discharge Voltage Limit 2.50v
Discharging Temperature Limits -20°C ~ 55°C
-4°F ~ 131°F
Storage State of Charge 30%
Open Circuit Voltage Correlating to 30% SOC 3.275v - 3.305V
Ambient Temperature Short Term (Up to 1 month) -20°C ~ 45°C
-4°F ~ 113°F
Long Term3 (Up to 1 year) -20°C ~ 25°C
-4°F ~ 77°F
Humidity ≤70%
Physical Characteristics Weight 2.0 kg 3.19 kg
4.4 lbs 7.0 lbs
Dimensions Length 160 mm 174.4 mm
6.29 in. 6.58 in.
Width 49.9 mm 36.36 mm
1.96 in. 2.79 in.
Height (Excludes Terminals & Bussing) 116 mm 217 mm
4.56 in. 8.54 in.
Threads M8 x 1.25
Bolt Tightening Torque 14 N·m
124 in.-lbf

CALB L-Series Cells: Charge Rates

Temp Range °C Temp Range °F Maximum Continuous Charge Rate Charging Voltage Limit
C-Rate L160F100 L173F163
T ≤ -5°C T ≤ 23°F Charging Not Allowed
-5°C < T ≤ 0°C 23°F < T ≤ 32°F 0.05C 5A 8.1A 3.60V
0°C < T ≤ 5°C 32°F < T ≤ 41°F 0.2C 20A 32.6A 3.60V
5°C < T ≤ 15°C 41°F < T ≤ 59°F 0.5C 50A 81.5 3.65V
15°C < T ≤ 45°C 59°F < T ≤ 113°F 1C 100A 163 3.65V
45°C < T ≤ 55°C 113°F < T ≤ 131°F 0.5C 50A 81.5 3.65V
55°C < T ≤ 60°C 131°F < T ≤ 140°F 0.2C 20A 32.6 3.60V
T > 60°C T > 140°F Charging Not Allowed
Note: Calb also specifies 10-second burst charge rates up to 2c in certain circumstances when utilizing regenerative braking in EV applications. Refer to the factory-provided specification sheet for these figures.

Current Connected Sales

CALB Generation 2 cells were the product that made Current Connected possible.  With the discontinuation of generation 2 cells and the introduction of generation 3, Current Connected is planning on having generation 3 cells available by mid to late 2021.