Hi Everyone, Dexter here.

Our core staff team will be attending The Energy Expo in Miami, Florida this year!  We will be out of the office from Tuesday 8/24 through Friday 8/27.  Great vendors such as Aims Power, Fluke Corporation, Master Battery SL and many more will be attending.  Our team is excited to continue growth of our dream, so being able to attend this networking opportunity is both an accomplishment and a step toward a bright horizon ahead.

What Does This Mean For Store Orders?

As of this post, which is the evening before our first day out of the office, all pending orders have been fulfilled.

Our team has spent the last week preparing product so that orders are as close to turn-key and ready to ship as possible…slap a label on and go.  This works well for product such as batteries and inverters, but not so well for products like custom cables and battery management systems that require assembly/testing before shipment.

We will still be fulfilling orders at a limited capacity throughout the week, what our team can handle will be shipped.  Anything that is not fulfilled while we are gone will be prepared on Sunday 8/29 and shipped out on 8/30.  Our team will do whatever we can to keep you from waiting. 

Will My Order Be Delayed?

This depends on what you order.  If it requires assembly or testing, it will be prepared on 8/29 it will be shipped out on 8/30.

Need Support Or Have Questions While We Are Gone?

Our tech support team will be available by email – just send your questions over to [email protected] and we will answer at our earliest opportunity.  Our phone line will not be available for help or support until Monday, 8/30.  If calling is your only option, please leave a voicemail and we will call you back on Monday 8/30.