Determining which BMS style you have will determine which monitoring software you need.

Two different PC Programming Softwares exist – most of the new Daly BMS units are using PCMaster.  Some 3s, 4s, and 5s models use a different control IC and require the use of Sinowealth.

Look At The USB Monitoring Cable

If the USB monitoring cable has a 3 pin connector where it plugs into the BMS, as shown in the sample picture, then the BMS will use Sinowealth.  This 3 pin connector will only fit into a port labeled “MON”, and will not fit into the port labeled “UART”.

If your BMS does not have a 3 pin “MON” port, it uses the PCMaster software and needs an appropriate cable with 6 pin “UART” connector.  

Even though Sinowealth BMS units with a “MON” port also have a 6 pin “UART” port, a 6 pin usb monitoring cable for PCMaster BMS units would not work with this BMS or the PCMaster Software.

Example "MON" port and cable - This BMS will use Sinowealth