This software & instruction is only compatible with Windows.  In this example, we will be using Google Chrome as our web browser, and we also have WinRAR archiver installed.  This software is not required, but results may differ using alternate software..

In this article:

  • Downloading & Extracting Drivers & Software Jump
  • Installing Drivers Jump
  • Installing Software Jump
  • Launching Software Jump

Downloading & Extracting

Step 1 - Download the Software

Download the software by clicking this link.  Save the software to somewhere convenient such as your “documents” folder or your “desktop”.

Remember this location for step #2.

Step 2 - Open Download Folder

Depending on your web browser, you may see the file download at the bottom of the browser window, in which case you can click the “more options” arrow and select “Show in folder”

If this is not available, using the file explorer, navigate to the location you specified in Step #1.

Step 3 - Extract Files

Right Click on the “ZIP” file that was downloaded.  If you have “WinRAR archiver”, your menu will match the one shown to the right.  Select “Extract Files” or “Extract Here”.  Both options work equally as well.

If you do not have WinRAR, this is OK, Windows comes with a built in zip-file extractor.  All we need to do is extract & decompress the contents of the “ZIP” file.  You can still do this by right-clicking and selecting any “extract” options, then following the menus.  

Step 4 - Open Extracted Folder

Once you have successfully extracted the files, you will have a regular folder – open this folder.  In the folder, you will discover two more folders named “Drivers” and “Sinowealth”.

Double click the “Drivers” folder to reveal its contents.

Installing USB Drivers

Step 1 - Run Driver Installer

If you do not need the drivers, skip to the Sinowealth install section.

In the “Drivers” folder, you will find multiple files, as shown in the picture.  We are only concerned with the file named “SETUP”.

Double click on this to run the driver setup tool.  If you are prompted with a security pop-up, click “YES” to allow the software to proceed with the installation.

This driver setup tool is for installing the drivers for the USB-MON converter cable.

Step 2 - Click Install

When the setup tool opens, it should have files loaded as shown in the picture.  

Simply click “INSTALL” and the tool will install the drivers.

You should get a popup window that says (in broken english) “The drive is successfully Pre-Installed in advance!”.  Just click “OK”.

Installing Sinowealth

Step 1 - Launch Sinowealth Installer

In your file explorer, navigate to the folder named “Sinowealth”.  Open the folder.

In the folder, you will find a Windows Installer named “Sinowealth BMS Tool Setup V0.1”.  

Double click this file to run this installer.

If, one again, you are prompted with a security pop-up, click “YES” to allow the software to proceed with the installation.

Don’t freak out, the installer is in Chinese, and we have not yet made a working English translation.  We will walk you through this so that you do not need to learn Chinese.

Step 2 - Continue with Installer

You will see the first screen, which only has some bits English.  At the bottom there are three buttons, one which has the letter “N” and one which has the letter “B”. This page is just an introduction to the installer, the information is not critical in any way. 

The button with only Chinese characters means EXIT

“N” means NEXT

“B” means BACK, which in this step is greyed out.


Step 3 - Specify Install Location

This page is asking you where you want to install the BMS tool. Typically the default settings are acceptable.

“R” means RENAME, if you want to rename the folder or directory the files are installed in.

“D” shows you all the drives on your PC, honestly a useless button.

“E” & “M” check boxes – Do you want to install this software for everyone on this PC or just me? “M” is default and is acceptable.

“B” for BACK
“N” for NEXT


Step 4 - Proceed with Installation

The screen only has a few lines, and the words “Sinowealth BMS Tool”. It is just verifying that you want to proceed.


Wait patiently as the software is installed.

*If you are prompted to allow this program to make changes to your your PC, select “YES” or “ALLOW” option.

Step 5 - Complete Installation

The screen only has a few lines, and the words “Sinowealth BMS Tool” near the top. Toward the bottom, it says something along the lines of “Windows Update” and “.NET Framework”. Literally don’t even worry about this.


The software is successfully installed.

Launching The Software

Step 1 - Connect BMS

Connect the BMS to the batteries, as covered in the BMS installation guide

Plug in the USB-MON cable into your BMS, then plug it into a USB port on your computer.

Step 2 - Launch Sinowealth

After following the steps in the previous section, you should see an icon on your desktop that looks like a battery and a cord, named “BMS Tool”.

Double click this icon to open the software.

Step 3 - Select Port & IC Configuration

You will be prompted to select “Port & IC Configuration”.
Most modern Daly/Deligreen BMS units are using the SH39f003 IC.  This is not the default setting, so make sure to change it.

Com Config – Normally these pre-populate correctly:

  • Com Port No: Depends on which USB port you plugged into.
  • Baud Rate 9600
  • Data Bit 8
  • Parity None
  • Stop Bit 1


If for some reason, the BMS does not see any devices, ensure you have properly installed the drivers, and the USB cable is plugged into the PC.

Step 4 - Monitor & Program away!

You are ready to monitor and program away!

You can view stats in the “INFO” tab, just click the “SCAN ALL” button first, to download the statuses from the BMS.

You can change parameters in the “MCU” tab.