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Victron | Blue Smart Battery Charger | IP67 Rated



The Blue Smart IP67 Waterproof Charger is the new professional battery charger with built-in Bluetooth. The Blue Smart IP67 Waterproof Charger can be used on devices in your workshop and on motor vehicles, such as (classic) cars; motorbikes; boats and camper-vans.

The seven-step charging algorithm gets the best out of your battery. The charger gives the battery the power it needs, maintains its health, ensures better performance… and a longer life.

Unlike other brands, the Blue Smart IP67 Charger Waterproof will attempt to recharge a deeply-discharged battery by force-feeding it with a low current. Normal charging will then be  resumed as soon as there is sufficient voltage across the battery terminals.  This is especially critical for LiFePO4 batteries with internal BMS units that require charge current to re-activate the BMS when in a fully-discharged state.

Blue Smart IP67 Charger Waterproof is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, so the status of the charger and the battery can be checked on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. All settings of the charger can be configured with the VictronConnect app.

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Must-Know Features

Ultra high efficiency “green” battery charger

With up to 95% efficiency, these chargers generate up to four times less heat when compared to the industry standard. Once the battery is fully charged, power consumption reduces to 0.5 Watt, some five to ten times better than the industry standard.

Durable, safe and silent

– Low thermal stress on the electronic components.
– Protection against ingress of dust, water and chemicals.
– Protection against overheating: the output current will reduce as temperature increases up to 60°C (140°F), but the charger will not fail.
– The chargers are totally silent: no cooling fan or any other moving parts.

Reverse polarity protected

In case of wrong polarity connection, the external ATO blade fuse will blow. Check the polarity of the cable and check the correct value before replacing the fuse.

Recovery function for fully discharged batteries

Most reverse polarity protected chargers will not recognize, and therefore not recharge a battery which has been discharged to zero or nearly zero
Volts. The Blue Smart IP67 Charger however will attempt to recharge a fully discharged battery with low current and resume normal charging once sufficient voltage has developed across the battery terminals.

Lithium-ion (LiFePO₄) batteries

Li-ion batteries are very sensitive to under voltage or over voltage. Li-ion batteries therefore often have integrated cell balancing and under voltage protection (UVP) circuitry. Some reverse polarity protected chargers will not recognize a battery when the UVP has tripped. The Blue Smart Charger will however automatically reset the UVP and start charging.
Important note:
NEVER attempt to charge a Li-ion battery when its temperature is below 0°C (32°F).



LiFePO4 Parameters

Victron’s Li-Ion profile is NOT sufficient for non-Victron LiFePO4 batteries.  Enter configuration and turn on “ADVANCED” switch, then select “Custom” charge preset.  Then click “Advanced Battery Settings”.

The battery preset should be set to “User Defined”.  Turn on “Expert Mode” switch.

Charge Voltage Settings:
Absorption Voltage: 14.6v
Float Voltage: 13.8v
Storage Voltage: 13.6v
Recondition Voltage: Disabled
BatterySafe: Disabled

Voltage Compensation:
Temperature Compensation: Disabled

Bulk Time Limit: 24 Hours
Re-bulk Current: Enabled, set to full output current of charger, typically 25A

Absorption Duration: Fixed
Absorption Time: 1 Hr
Repeated Absorption: Every 7 days

Recondition Stop Mode: Fixed time
Recondition Duration: 15M (This is the minimum allowed setting.  It is already disabled in charge voltage settings, but set to this as a safety precaution)

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  1. Michael G.

    The IP67 is a nice charger! With the Bluetooth App makes it nice to monitor and customize for your LiFePo4 battery or other types of cells. This is for 12v batteries, so if you are in 24v config, you can also use there 24v charger.

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