10-Pack | Copper Bus Bars | Raw & Unfinished | 1″ Wide x 1/8″ Thick Pure Copper | 2 1/4 Slot Center-Center



Packed in groups of 10, we will ship these to you (shipping cost calculated at checkout, usually $9).  These are as-is.  We provide pictures of the poor cut quality, so take note of that before ordering these.  We are literally throwing 10 bars into a box at random, so there is no quality guarantee or returns.

These are laser cut copper bus bars that were originally intended for our EA170 and EA200 cells.  We could not get copper bar stock due to supply shortages, so we bought a sheet of copper and asked a fab shop to laser it out so that we could provide bus bars to continue selling our EnerAmp batteries.  The fab-shop we utilized had their laser set wrong and they burned through an entire sheet of 1/8″ copper before they realized there was a huge problem.  The bars are heavily burred, and have been heated up significantly. Cut quality is very poor.  The conductivity has not been affected, but it makes these a nightmare to bring up to par for sale with our products.

We do not have the time to grind/clean over 500 bus bars, so we opted to eat the loss and re-make them with our original fab shop that is stamping them now that copper is available a whole month later…

We are offering this listing to recoup exactly one-half of our material cost, because the scrap yard will only offer 25% of our material cost…We already ate the labor the fab-shop charged.  They are decent bars underneath the nasty, which can be used for top balancing, and even in a pack with enough TLC, or use them as contemporary art.  They can easily be cleaned up with a file, some sand paper, and possibly a grinder, but that’s up to you to figure out.  The small hole in the center of the bus bar is exactly the right size to receive an 8/32 tap to add a ring terminal/screw for your balance leads to attach to.

You couldn’t even buy the material for the price of these bars, but it’s just sad to take the copper to the scrap yard after spending over $3000 in material and labor to have these made.


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