EnerAmp EA170 LiFePO4 All Inclusive Kits: 12v – 24v 170Ah -680Ah [OUT OF STOCK]



Note: We are currently out of stock of these 170ah cells.  More are on the way, however due to inconsistency in ocean shipment timelines, we cannot provide an estimate for when these cells will be back.  For now we recommend our 202ah cells as a great alternative.


These are 170ah Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) Cells for DIY battery assemblies commonly used in solar systems, RVs, boats, OTR trucks and large scale energy storage.

EnerAmp Batteries are  A-grade cells, load tested and balanced at the factory. The guaranteed capacity is at least 170ah and internal resistance less than 0.3 milliohms.

Typically, 4 of these cells will be wired in series with a Battery Management System board (BMS) to create a 12 volt battery, 8 cells for a 24v battery, or 16 cells for a 48v battery, with a suitable BMS.

Our permanent, laser welded M6 threaded studs include serrated nuts ensuring an easy to make, strong connection, that will last for years without the worry of loose interconnections.

It is very important to use a BMS to manage these cells.
LiFePO4 chemistry is easily damaged by over charging, over discharging, over/under temperature, and especially low temperature charging.  Use a BMS that monitors each cell individually and has a low-temperature cutoff.

Balancing: These cells are balanced from the factory on a per shipment basis. We have tested this specification and found that they will reliably charge all the way up to 3.450v per cell in a 4 cell pack before any one cell exceeds 3.650v with a standard BMS. If you are building packs larger than 1p4s, we recommend either top balancing them yourself, or utilizing our balancing & capacity test service.

We have many different kit options, because we do not make sacrifices to create a “one size fit all”.  Our kit selection options make it simple to get all the proper components to ensure you have everything you need to get up and running as soon as your shipment arrives.  If you need help with your kit, we have many informational videos to help you achieve quick success, as well as a telephone support team eager to help.

If you would like to see an actual capacity test of these batteries, check it out here:


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