EVE 304Ah | 3.2v LiFePO4 Cells | Grade A (OUT OF STOCK)

  • Cells show no signs of swelling.
  • Factory QR Codes are In-tact.
  • Guaranteed to pull over 304ah Capacity.  Testing reveals capacity is 308~310ah.
    See Data Log
  • Covered for 3 years under our warranty policy.
  • Stocked in USA – Ships within 24 hours and arrives in 2-5 days.

Out of stock


These cells need to be connected together with the appropriate bus bars.  Our default quantity is 1 busbar per cell, so a 4 cell pack would get 4 busbars.  You will also need  a battery management system,  sold separately.  If you need help to determine which BMS you need, feel free to contact us.

Permanent, laser welded M6 threaded studs are paired with the included serrated nuts ensuring a strong connection that will last for years, without the worry of loose interconnections or stripped cells.

These EVE 304Ah Batteries are brand new A-grade cells with QR codes in tact.  The guaranteed capacity is at least 304ah with an internal resistance less than 0.3 milliohms.  These cells have an additional margin and typically exceed their ratings.  Our independent capacity testing has revealed that the cells easily surpass their rating and have an actual capacity of 308 ~ 310 Ah. See Data Log

Typically, 4 or more of these cells will be wired in series or parallel-series with a Battery Management System (BMS) to create a 12 volt battery, 8 cells for a 24v battery, or 16 cells for a 48v battery, with a suitable BMS. They may be paralleled at a cell level to increase your overall capacity (Ah).

It is very important to use a BMS to manage these cells.  Here’s Why
LiFePO4 chemistry is easily damaged by over charging, over discharging, over/under temperature, and especially low temperature charging.  Use a BMS that monitors each series-connected cell (or group of parallel connected cells) and has a low-temperature cutoff.

Our recommended BMS units:

Additional information

Weight 52.27 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 12 in


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