MegaFuse Holder + 2 Fuses | Bundle & Save

  • Commonly used for battery and alternator connections and other heavy gauge cables requiring ultra high current protection
  • Provides time delay characteristics
  • Designed for high current circuit protection up to 500 amperes
  • Slo-Blo feature eliminates nuisance blowing during temporary, short duration overloads


Bundle and save – Up to 10% off compared to buying the components separately.

Additional information

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Fuse Rating

32v 60A, 32v 80A, 32v 100A, 32v 125A, 32v 150A, 32v 175A, 32v 200A, 32v 225A, 32v 250A, 32v 300A, 32v 400A, 32v 500A, 58v 125A, 58v 200A, 58v 250A, 58v 300A

Why 32v / 58v?

Fuses (and wire) are rated for how many amps they can carry, (not watts) and have a maximum voltage rating.  For example, a 12 AWG wire you might find in typical residential wiring is often rated at 600v maximum working voltage and can carry 20 amps.  This does not mean the wire is always good for 12,000w (20 amps * 600v), but rather 2400w when run at 120v (20 amps * 120v).  It all comes down to the amperage…  If you did have a system that ran 600v, then sure you could theoretically get the full 12,000w through the wire, but that’s beside the point.


Think of a fuse like a small piece of wire, we use a fuse as a “weak link” in a chain so that we can control what blows (and avoid everything else catching fire).  Just like wire, Fuses are not rated in watts, they are rated in amps, with a maximum working voltage.  A 200A fuse in a 12v system is still appropriate for the 2000w inverter, as the system is running at 12 volts NOT the full 32v, which means to push 2000 watts at 12 volts, you need the full 200 amps.


The reason the fuse has a 32v rating, is because it’s designed for use in both 12v and 24v systems, and in a 24v system the maximum voltage when everything is fully charged can sometimes exceed 30v.  If the fuse were rated lower, then it would have trouble breaking the circuit, because then a spark can form continuing to carry the circuit through, and the fault would not be cleared.


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