Narada 50Ah | 3.2v LiFePO4 Cells | Grade A+ (In Stock)

  • Price is PER CELL, minimum quantity 4 cells, and only sold in groups of 4
  • Brand new cells.  No signs of swelling and QR codes are in-tact.
  • Guaranteed to pull over 50ah capacity.
  • Covered for 1 year under our warranty policy.
  • Stocked in USA – Ships immediately.
  • Strong M6 threaded terminals with heli-coil inserts for added strength.



These cells need to be connected together with the appropriate bus bars.  Our default quantity is 1 busbar per cell, so a 4 cell pack would get 4 busbars. Hardware for attaching busbars to the cells is included.

Typically, 4 or more of these cells will be wired in series or parallel-series with a Battery Management System (BMS) to create a 12 volt battery, 8 cells for a 24v battery, or 16 cells for a 48v battery, with a suitable BMS. They may be paralleled at a cell level to increase your overall capacity (Ah).

It is very important to use a BMS to manage these cells.  Here’s Why
LiFePO4 chemistry is easily damaged by over charging, over discharging, over/under temperature, and especially low temperature charging.  Use a BMS that monitors each series-connected cell (or group of parallel connected cells) and has a low-temperature cutoff.

Our recommended BMS units:

If you need help to determine which BMS you need, feel free to contact us.

Specification Sheet


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