Adjustable Bench Power Supply | 0-60v 0-10A Options


The Nice-Power Supply is an excellent entry-grade benchtop power supply with various output voltages and currents, up to 60 volts and 10 amps.  This power supply can be used as a charger for LiFePO4 Batteries for top balancing and routine maintenance, or as a power source to jump-start fully depleted LiFePO4 batteries with internal BMS.

Auto-ranging voltage displays make it easy to dial in exactly 3.65v.

Package includes 1 power supply, 1 set of alligator clip leads, a power cord and a quick-start instruction manual.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5.5 × 7.5 in

1 review for Adjustable Bench Power Supply | 0-60v 0-10A Options


    David (verified owner)

    Excellent charger for my needs. Variable voltage and amperage controls work well. If my LiFePo4 battery gets too low and is asleep, I can put a low charge for a half minute and get it going again. Just a nice tool to have around.

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