Silfab SIL370BK – 370 Watt Monocrystalline All-Black Solar Panel

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Highest Efficiency Module Exclusively Manufactured in the US 

Advanced back-contact technology reduces front cell metallization minimizing conductive losses, mechanical stress and shading for improved performance, reliability and efficiency. The reduced cell gap and elimination of external bussing boosts efficiency.

Superior Power, Performance, Durability

Optimized performance in low-light and in all weather conditions. Lower operating temperatures of the module enhance performance and energy yield.

Sleek & Beautiful Aesthetics

Sleek triple black aesthetics (cells, frame and back-sheet) free from front tabbing or bus-bars make this module ideal for high-end residential solar installations.

Electrical Specs

Silfab SIL-370 Monocrystalline All-Black Solar Panel
Test Conditions STC NOCT
Module Power (Pmax) 370 Wp 277.78 Wp
Voltage Maximum Power (VMP) 38.34v 35.90v
Current Maximum Power (IMP) 9.69a 7.74a
Voltage Open Circuit (VOC) 44.76v 42.01
Short Circuit Current (ISC) 10.33 8.32
Module Efficiency 20.8% 19.5%
Maximum System Voltage 1000v 1000v
Series Fuse Rating 20A 20A
Power Tolerance 0 to +10 WP 0 to +10 WP
Measurement conditions: STC 1000 W/m² • AM 1.5 • Temperature 25 °C • NOCT 800 W/m² • AM 1.5 • Measurement uncertainty ≤ 3% • Sun simulator calibration reference modules from Fraunhofer Institute. Electrical characteristics may vary by ±5% and power by 0 to +10W.

Temperature Ratings

Silfab SIL-370 Monocrystalline All-Black Solar Panel
Temperature Coefficient Isc +0.046%/°C
Temperature Coefficient Voc -0.279%/°C
Temperature Coefficient Pmax -0.377%/°C
NOCT(±2°C) 43.5°C
Operating Temperature -40 to 85°C


Silfab SIL-370 Monocrystalline All-Black Solar Panel
Module Weight 41.9±0.4 lbs
Dimensions (HxLxD) 70.67in(1795mm) x 38.98in(990mm) x 1.5 in(38mm)
Maximum surface load (wind/snow) 83.5/112.8 lb/ft2
Hail impact resistance ∅1 in @ 51.6 mph
Cells 66 high efficiency back contact mono-PERC c-Si cells
Glass 0.126 in high transmittance, tempered, DSM anti-reflective coating
Backsheet Multilayer, integrated insulation film and electrically conductive backsheet, superior hydrolysis and UV resistance, fluorine-free PV backsheet
Frame Anodized Aluminum (Black)
Bypass Diodes 3 diodes-30SQ045T (45V max DC blocking voltage, 30A max forward rectified current)
Cables & Connectors 47.24 in, ø 0.22 in, MC4 from Staubli
Junction Box UL 3730 Certified, IP67 rated


Silfab SIL-370 Monocrystalline All-Black Solar Panel
Module product workmanship warranty 12 years*
Linear power performance guarantee 30 years
*12 year extendable to 25 years subject to registration and conditions outlined under “Warranty” at


Silfab SIL-370 Monocrystalline All-Black Solar Panel
Product ULC ORD C1703, UL1703, CEC listed***, UL 61215-1/-1-1/-2, UL 61730-1/-2, IEC 61215-1/-1-1/-2***. IEC 61730-1/-2***, CSA C22.2#61730-1/-2, IEC 62716 Ammonia Corrosion; IEC61701:2011 Salt Mist Corrosion Certifed, UL Fire Rating: Type 1

***Certification anticipated January 2021

Factory ISO9001:2015


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