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Victron | Battery Monitor | BMV Series



The BMV range consists of products with BMV-7 in the model name; earlier versions had a 6 prefix. Below I highlight the differences between the various current models – so you can be sure you choose the right one for your application and budget. The range consists of:

  • BMV-712 Smart (6.5 – 95 V, 1 – 9999 Ah, Bluetooth built-in, Auxiliary input)

The models below, without Bluetooth built-in, we collectively refer to as the BMV-700 series:

  • BMV-702 (6.5 – 95 V, 1 – 9999 Ah, Auxiliary input)
  • BMV-702 [Black] (6.5 – 95 V, 1 – 9999 Ah, Auxiliary input)
  • BMV-700 (6.5 – 95 V, 1 – 9999 Ah)
  • BMV-700H (60 – 385 V, 1 – 9999 Ah)

This BMV (Battery Monitor Victron) range are a group of high precision battery monitors. Their essential function is to calculate ampere hours consumed and the state of charge of a battery. Think of these monitors as your battery ‘fuel gauge’, with a time-to-go indicator and much more.

Each model comes with a square bezel overlay (if you wish a square gauge look as opposed to round), a securing ring for rear mounting and screws for front mounting.

Any model can be mounted in a panel of your choice with a 52mm (2.0 inch) aperture or in one of Victron’s optional bespoke wall enclosures.

A 500A/50mV shunt, fitted with a quick connect PCB is part of every product package. Alternatives shunts are available if required: 1000A-50mV, 2000A-50mV, 6000A-50mV.

All models come with 10m of 6 core UTP cable with RJ12 connectors and a power supply cable complete with fuse.

The BMV range are all compatible with VE.Smart Networking.

Note that although the BMV-702, BMV-702 (Black), BMV-700 and BMV-700H do not have Smart Technology built-in, they can all be updated to use it with the optional VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle. The only downside is that means the VE.Direct communication port is now in use for the dongle, so you cannot connect it to a Victron GX device as well.

If you want Victron Smart Technology and GX device connectivity, then buy the BMV-712 Smart. If you don’t need the added functionality of the 712 Smart or are on a budget, then choose one of the other models to suit your needs.


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