Inverter Basic Theory & Concepts:

Pure Vs Modified Sine Wave

Inverters are not created equally!  In this article we will learn the difference between different types of power waveforms created by inverters, and how the difference is important to you!

Low vs high frequency

In this article, we build on our knowledge and further explain how the modulation frequency and presence of a transformer greatly effects surge capability and output waveform produced.

Inverter Testing:

Sol-Ark Hybrid All-In-One

Advertised as the most efficient inverter on the market, featuring a transformerless DC topology, the Sol-Ark can accept power from the grid, a generator, solar panels, and batteries all under one hood. Sol-Ark is USA based out of Texas.

AIMS Power Inverter Chargers

Proudly sold on Amazon, AIMS inverters are popular across the whole United States in RV and Marine applications! AIMS is USA based out of Nevada.

Foxpower Inverter Chargers

Featuring a low-frequency transformer-based topology, easy to use user interface, and high surge ratings, Foxpower inverter/chargers are perfect for beginners getting started with off-grid power systems! Foxpower is based out of Shenzhen, CN