Use of this manual

This manual is not a substitution for proper training. The intended use of this manual is to provide guidance and reference for the use of products sold by and associated with Current Connected, LLC. The materials mentioned in the Training Manual range in technicality and require varying competency levels and expertise. Therefore it is recommended to seek proper training before using products seen and mentioned in the training manual.

Reading and understanding all safety guidelines and instructions is essential before use, connection, installation, or maintenance. Failure to comply with the policies and instructions can lead to property damage, injury, and/or death. Remember that past performance is not indicative of future results. The many variables in the materials listed in these training documents can be unpredictable if not managed and maintained correctly.

This manual does not cover all details or variations in the equipment. It does not claim to provide every possible contingency met in connection, installation, operation, and maintenance. Please contact the Current Connected, LLC. Support Team if further information is desired or problems arise. Current Connected, LLC. will not be held liable for damages or injuries sustained from improper use of the above-mentioned.

Again, thank you for the continued use of Current Connected, LLC. as your resource, and we hope this Training Manual will better assist you in understanding your project and enable you to meet your goals.


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