General Precautions:

Read All Instructions — Before using or installing this product, read and understand all applicable instructions & documentation fully. Resolve any questions with CurrentConnected prior to beginning or attempting to begin installation.

Power Source — Shut off all switches, breakers & open any disconnecting means prior to installation, service, or cleaning

Cleaning — Clean only with a dry rag. Do not use any spray cleaners, liquid, aerosol or any type of solvent to clean this product.

Environment & Location — Do not store or install this product near any radiator, heat register, stove, or in an enclosure that can retain excessive heat. Install battery only in a suitable location as described in Chapter XX

  • This manual contains very important installation to guide you in the process of a successful installation. Read and understand the entire manual prior to attempting installation. Save all manuals and documentation for future reference.
  • Install only per direction of this manual
  • Install in a location where children are not present.
  • wear proper safety gear
  • use insulated tools
  • Ensure your chargers/inverters are appropriately programmed
  • Confirm if an error occurs such as loss of communications, the batteries are not subjected to conditions outside of their rating
  • Installation should be done by a qualitified person
  • Proper cable sizes and overcurrent protection are utilized
  • Ensure the installation follow applicable loacal and national electric codes.
  • Ensure the system is properly grounded
  • Ensure the system is installed in a location suitable for electronics
  • keep the battery within safe temperatures for operation
  • clean the battery with the proper clearners
  • make sure all fasterners are properly torqued
  • do not paint the battery
  • do not put the battery in a hazzardous/flammable environment
  • do not connect battery to solar wiring directly
  • do not work on battery with it turned on or grid turned on
  • do not reverse polarity
  • use only on 48v nominal systems, do not connect with other batterys such as 15s
  • do not connect with any batteries in series
  • mount battery per section describing how to mount the batteries
  • If there are any electrical smells or excessive heat, if safe shut off the breakers and call the fire department
  • Team lift, batteries are heavy