Electrical Properties
Model SK48v100
Nominal Voltage 51.2 (48v Range)
Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Run Time at 20A Load (~1000w) 300 Minutes
Energy 5120Wh
Self Discharge < 3% per month
Max Batteries in Series 1
Max Batteries in Parallel (with BMS communication) 15*
Max Batteries in Parallel (without BMS communication) Unlimited, but system should be reviewed by an engineer.
Discharge Performance
Max Continuous Discharge Current 100A (1C)
Peak Discharge Current 200A (3 Seconds, automatic shutdown)
BMS Low-Voltage Disconnect 42v
BMS Low-Voltage recover 46v
Charge Performance
Maximum Charge Current (Continuous) 100A
Recommended Charge Settings Refer to Charging Section
BMS Cell Protection Voltage 3.7v
BMS Pack Protection Voltage >58.2v
Temperature Performance
Discharge Temperature -4°F – 140°F
Charge Temperature 32°F – 113°F
Storage Temperature 23°F – 95°F
Low Temperature Charge Protection Yes
Internal Temperature Sensors 4 Cell Sensors, 1 BMS Sensor, 1 Ambient Air Sensor
Physical Properties
Case Material Powder-Coated Steel
Rack Mountable Yes, 4U
Dimensions Width: 17.5in (Without ears – Fits standard 18″ rack with ears installed)

Height: 7in (4 rack units)

Depth: 18in + 1 1/4″ for handles / terminals

Unit Weight 99.2Lbs
Weather Rating IP20
Third Party Testing UL1642 & UL9540 testing in progress. Anticipated September 2022

UL1973 (Cells)

Shipping Classification UN3480, Class 9, MSDS