Due to the nature of these batteries, they must be shipped by truck freight both to the customer as well as any returns to Current Connected. Each unit is over 100lbs, which excludes typical ground methods such as FedEx / UPS.

Furthermore, lithium batteries are considered class 9 hazardous materials and require appropriate UN3480 lithium battery handling & labeling. This means they cannot be transported on passenger aircraft or through the US Postal Service and must be packaged appropriately. If you need to ship your batteries for any reason, please contact Current Connected in advance for assistance with shipping.

Removing boxes from pallets

Each box is conveniently built with 2 hand-holes on each side because each box must be lifted by two people to relocate into the unboxing location. To protect the product, keep it in the original box until the time of permanent installation.

Inspecting for damage

Carefully inspect the boxes inside and out for any dents, crushed cardboard/foam or strange odors. If any of these are observed, stop and contact your place of purchase immediately.

Removing batteries from boxes

The safest way to remove the battery from the box is to open the top of the box, remove the accessories & foam inserts, then carefully cut along the 4 vertical edges with a box cutter making sure not to cut/scratch any of the product inside. Fold down the 4 sides to create access space for two people to safely pick up the battery. The battery can then be carried by the two handles on the front. It can be moved in any orientation except for upside-down (top lid facing toward the ground).

After Unboxing

After unboxing, we highly recommend that you power on the BMS per the power-up procedure covered later in this manual to make sure your battery is fully functional at the time of receipt. If you have a product that is dead-on-arrival (DOA) then contact Current Connected to start a warranty claim.


Your new lithium battery is packaged using special materials to meet transportation standards. Please retain a set of this material should you need to pack and send your battery in the future e.g. for relocation or warranty claims. If the original packaging is not available, please contact Current Connected to order a replacement set.